What Is CrossFit And Why You Should Do It

You have probably heard of CrossFit, but you might not know a lot about it. This article will explain what it is, the exercises involved, where you do it and why you should do it. Read on to learn more about CrossFit.

What Is CrossFit
It is a fitness program, and it has been around since 2000. The founders of the program are Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai. CrossFit is extremely popular and it is a program that people from all around the world do. CrossFit is known for being intense and participants will be performing functional movements throughout CrossFit routines. All of the workouts are based on functional movements. Also, there is no one workout you will be doing, as there are various CrossFit workouts people can do.

Exercises Involved
There are many types of exercises involved with CrossFit. A few of the movements you an expect to do in some of the program’s routines include air squats, front squats and overhead squats. Other exercises include shoulder presses, push jerks, push press and the deadlift. Pull-ups, thrusters and medicine-ball cleans are other exercises that many CrossFit workouts include. All of those exercises are also foundation movements of the program, which means many of the workouts include a few of those movements or at least one of those movements.

Where Do You Do CrossFit
CrossFit can be performed at many gyms around the world and there are facilities that solely cater to those looking to do CrossFit workouts. If a gym has CrossFit, then it means they have trainers there are have been certified. This is because CrossFit certifies people to teach the programs. If you want to do CrossFit training, then you should see if there is a facility in your area that has CrossFit.

Why Should You Do CrossFit
There are many reasons to do CrossFit, with one that it is an effective weight loss program and a great way to build muscle and get into shape. If your weight loss efforts have not been paying off or you are not losing as much weight as you want, then give CrossFit a try.

Doing the program is a good way to improve your cardiovascular health. If walking on a treadmill bores you or doing traditional cardio workouts really aren’t your thing, then CrossFit is worth trying.

Another benefit is the length of time it takes to complete a CrossFit workout. Even though there are many workouts you can do, it’s rare to spend more than a 30 minutes training. In fact, most workouts are completed within 15-20 minutes. If you don’t have a lot of time to train, but you want to get amazing results, then start doing CrossFit workouts.

CrossFit isn’t just good for weight loss, but it benefits you in many other ways. The longer you stick with a CrossFit program, then more your stamina and endurance will improve. Your strength levels will increase and your flexibility will improve too.

Another reason why you should do it is because a coach who has received a certification will be right there with you. They will show you how to do the program and how to do the exercises involved with CrossFit. You will love training under the guidance of an experience CrossFit coach.

Do you have weight loss goals you want to reach? Do you want to get into great shape, but you don’t have a lot of time on your hands? Maybe you don’t want to train with weights or do traditional cardio. If this sounds like you, then consider getting involved with CrossFit and start getting results much sooner rather than later.