Nandrolone – The King Of Substances

If you are a part of the world of bodybuilding or a part of the sports world, there is no doubt that you have heard of the power anabolic steroid that is known as Nandrolone. Sometimes you can buy Nandrolone when you see Nandrolone for sale under the name of Deca Durabolin, but we will be calling it Nandrolone from this point out. Before we talk about how this amazing substance has impacted our world in the present, lets hop back in the time machine and see just how this amazing substance just came to be. The substance was first created sometime in the sixties by a company known as the Oragon Pharmaceutical Company, it was created to battle muscle wasting diseases such as AIDS or HIV. The trip back in time will be a truly short one at that, because from a medical perspective, the substance is still used to battle muscle wasting diseases to this very day. Now that you know the quick, but important history of this substance, it is now our opportunity to speak about the benefits of this substance. The benefits that this amazing substance can provide are things like monster muscle gains, explosive boosts in strength, faster recovery time from gym sessions and it can be used in cycles as well.

The next thing that we will be focusing on in this piece right here will be the beginners cycle that new users of Nandrolone can go through. This particular cycle is known as the beginner’s cycle, it will last a total of sixteen weeks or four months, it will also contain a total of two substances altogether. The cycle is truly a basic one as you will be taking 50mg to 100mg of Andriol Testosterone Booster per week and then 100mg to 200mg of Nandrolone per week, both will be taken that way for the entire sixteen week time frame. That is pretty simple folks, if you master this cycle and you want a more advanced version, then talk to some bodybuilders because the more experienced people you speak to, because there are a plethora of different combinations out there. Now that we have taken a good look at a cycle that involves Nandrolone, it’s time to get really serious and take a look at what can potentially happen if somebody out there is stupid enough to abuse the substance. Reports have shown that people who abuse the drug and do not stop before it is too late, then a lot of serious health problems or even death can occur if it is not caught in time.

If you are somebody who is abusing a substance of any kind or even of you know somebody who is abusing a substance of any kind, then seek out medical help as quickly as possible so that the worst of worse things do not happen, that is what we call death. The reason that people call Nandrolone by the name of Deca Durabolin is because Nandrolone has been changed into a variety of different steroids and substances over the years, but at the end of the day, Nandrolone is the base of it all and Nandrolone continues to make an impact to this very day. If you are a professional or aspiring professional athlete, it should be noted that the drug tests that all major sports leagues do offer will test for Nandrolone, so you must keep that in mind as you make the decision to use the stuff or not. We spoke about abusing Nandrolone earlier in this piece, another thing that is recommended for folks who are using the stuff to do is consult a doctor before usage to ensure that your body can actually handle it. Nandrolone is one of the finest substances in all the world right now and with the beginners cycle we talked about earlier, you are now on the path to a perfect body.