5 Genuine Ways to Improve Your Testosterone Level

Posted on: Thu, 07/08/2021 - 06:30 By: admin
5 Genuine Ways to Improve Your Testosterone Level

Testosterone is used for many reasons. It helps you gain strength, improves muscle mass and promotes overall growth. In optimal levels, it can be beneficial, but low testosterone count can induce general health issues. Apart from it, you might go through a low mood, change in eating patterns and low libido. Therefore, it’s important to maintain it at a good level in the body. 

Some of the most common causes of low testosterone include injury, trauma, chemotherapy, metabolic disorder, medications etc. Alcohol abuse, smoking, inflammatory conditions, chronic illness and obesity also diminish it’s levels in the body. To bring it to the optimum level, you can use a variety of methods. 



An effective way to increase testosterone levels is by performing regular exercise. A 20-30 cardio and weight training session can reduce stress, anxiety and depression. It will keep you fit and even your reaction time will improve. HIIT(high intensity interval training) can also be a very effective solution. Alongside the training you can take caffeine, creatine, testosterone booster and other supplements. 

Eating enough proteins, carbs and healthy fat can also benefit you. Ensure to keep your diet well balanced. It will help you optimize your hormones and promote good health for the long term. 

Minimize Stress

Long-term stress can take a toll on your overall well-being. It reduces your immunity, diminishes your testosterone level, and can cause eating disorders. That said, stress is a biological enemy, it is harmful for the body and organs. Reduce stressful activities to maintain an optimal health and hormone levels. Avoid doing repetitive tasks during late evening and get a good sleep. 


Vitamin Supplements 

There are amazing health benefits for vitamins. Yet, rarely people work out their diet to match the vitamin requirement of the body. Zinc, Vitamin A, B, C and E play an important role in regulating the mood and desires. A balanced vitamin diet would need plenty of rest and high-quality sleep. The number of hours of sleep depends on the individual, but a proper sleep can up your testosterone level to 15% higher.

Natural Testosterone Booster 

There are herbs that affect the libido. Epimedium or horny goat weed is a Chinese herb that effectively boosts testosterone levels in both men and women. The major compound in it is ‘icariin’. It is believed that this compound can boost testosterone. Another herb, Bulbine Natalensis is found in South Africa. It has been effective and might boost testosterone levels. The last one, Tribulus Terrestis, a vine, has been used for centuries. It can improve your libido. 

Healthy Lifestyle 

Follow a routine with limited sugar and salt content. Both compounds put you under risk of high blood pressure. As a result, there is a high risk of heart disease and stroke. Sugar can increase the risk of dental decay and unhealthy weight gain. It’s a risk for both adults and children. Avoid eating fast food, burgers, french fries and drinking fizzy drinks can diminish energy. 

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Even alcohol intake should be limited. Consuming alcohol causes many health problems. It can damage your liver, reduce libido and as well as lead to various accidents. Avoid smoking as it might cause lung and heart disease. Tobacco smoking skills and gives you bad breath. 

Testosterone level plays an important part in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A low count can cause various problems, such as obesity. Therefore, taking necessary lifestyle steps can help you optimize it. Also, it will improve your body and mind. 

Wrapping Up

Testosterone is an essential hormone. It plays a significant role in the lives of millions of people worldwide. Sometimes, it’s level drops because of stress and other reasons. Ensure to stay regular at exercise, eat a good diet, use supplements and testosterone booster whenever required to keep up the level.